Last-Minute Shopping? Do It Locally.

Think you might be a lazier, more last-minute holiday shopper than I? Think again, friend. I don’t really know how many shopping days I have left, when you factor in shipping. I certainly don’t know what my 92 year old grandmother might like. (Though I do know it’ll be hard to top the Michael Buble… Read more »

#Hashtags We Salute You!

November 6 2012 is a day that will go down in history.  It was an event that not just Americans, but everyone worldwide was captivated by.  President Barack Obama was just re-elected president and was giving his victory speech. Everyone was mesmerized; not just by Obama but something beyond him….literally.  Standing in the crowd directly… Read more »

Google + My Thoughts

This past month Google launched the much anticipated Google+, the social networking site that is said to finally be competition for Facebook.  As with most Google products Google+ is currently invite-only during this initial launch.  Like most people who are into this sort of thing I was (impatiently) awaiting an invitation.  Saturday morning I finally… Read more »

The Importance of Umbrellas

These past couple days here in Chicago the weather has been so off and on. One second it’s a sunny spring day and than out of nowhere it becomes a rainy cloudy mess. Carrying an Umbrella has become a must have! You might be asking what does this have to do with marketing. I’m not… Read more »