I Want Someone That Gets Me

When people ask me how we compare to the competition, I answer—we have no competition. Am I ignorant or arrogant you ask? Neither. The answer is that there is no other Blue Daring (with a Melissa or a Vanessa, with our unique experiences and DNA, etc), so when I say there is no competition, it’s… Read more »

Does media matter?

While I personally reject modern technology and lament the increasing rarity of books, isn’t it all information after all? From the printing press tearing down knowledge-based hierarchies, to the television exporting culture to every corner of the world, to the Internet now democratizing opinion making (and seeking), isn’t information and its transference still the same?… Read more »

Google + My Thoughts

This past month Google launched the much anticipated Google+, the social networking site that is said to finally be competition for Facebook.  As with most Google products Google+ is currently invite-only during this initial launch.  Like most people who are into this sort of thing I was (impatiently) awaiting an invitation.  Saturday morning I finally… Read more »

Internet Celebrity

There are thousands of people everyday trying to make it “big” in the world.  With shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol the thirst for stardom is very apparent.  Thanks to the internet and viral videos there is a new breed of stars, the ordinary people who were NOT trying to become famous at… Read more »

Why Blue Blogs

Blogging, online video, Facebook, LinkedIn… blah blah blah! It seems that everywhere you turn there is yet another technology or site that everyone tells you… “Oh my God! If you want to do anything with your business, you better “. Let me tell you how it is.