Perfect To The Tea

I have a bit of a confession; I am obsessed with beverages.   I don’t have a drinking problem; I am just the beverage version of a foodie. From sodas to juices even down to fancy bottled waters, if it’s interesting and different, I want to try it. With Chicago’s weather finally dropping, I have been leaning towards hot drinks, more specifically tea. Even more specifically, David’s Tea.\n\n \n\n\n\n \n\nDavid’s Tea is a tea retailer originally from Canada. The company’s modern and fun approach to tea gained them quick popularity and they have now expanded into retail shops in North America. They have 3 locations here in Chicago which I am fortunate enough to live between two and work very close to the third.  Over the past 3-4 months I have slowly but surely become completely infatuated with David’s Tea.  I’m sure at this point you are thinking to yourself “its hot water and a couple leaves what’s to love?’\n\nLooking good: The very first thing that stands out about David’s Tea is their brand. The company’s logo is simple, yet the fun use of color and clean aesthetic is engaging.  It is clear the company invested a lot of time and mindshare into the design of their brand.  From the tea containers to the drink cups everything looks cohesive and thought out.\n\nSense-ational: One of my favorite things about David’s is that the pizazz of the brand goes beyond the logo.  The in-store experience at David’s is great.  When you walk in you are greeted with a sample of their tea of the day which allows you to taste new flavors while you shop. The actual store design is just as modern and fun as the brand.  Your eye is immediately drawn to the giant wall of color coded tea tins. The bright colors are anchored by lots of clean lines and white space. The staff will then guide you through the tea wall and let you smell and touch any tea you’d like. All and all it is more than just a trip to another store it’s an experience that engages all of your senses.\n\nEveryone’s on board: David’s shops have very friendly and knowledgeable staff members. I never feel pressured into purchasing tea nor do I feel like a nuisance.  Instead of obviously trying to upsell you, like many stores do, they seem to listen to your likes and try to introduce you to teas they think you will enjoy.\n\nTea of today: Tea has typically had a very exclusive feel to it. Generally tea has been marketed as a drink of choice for either Zen yoga rats or upscale Brits. With fun and unique tea blends (ice cream cake tea anyone?) and their modern and fun branding, David’s has managed to reinvent the tea drinker profile. Tea now seems more accessible, more hip, and less serious. Who doesn’t want a sip of that?\n\nAll in all it’s clear to me that the people behind David’s Tea are incredibly invested and passionate about what they do. Complete dedication to your brand and to your consumer is a lesson we can all learn from here. Take that extra step to insure that your brand lives through ALL aspects of your business and you will stand out from your competitors. The dedication to your brand will lure new customers as well as excite your existing clientele who will constantly be anticipating the next manifestation of the brand experience. Go steep a nice cup of your favorite tea and take some time to plan your brands new life!

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