Missing the Mark

It is becoming more common to see companies advertising their social networking sites. Merging your online marketing with your offline marketing is a great way to not only easily measure the success of a campaign but also build up your following. Maker’s Mark bourbon company decided to take this approach with their recent billboards.\n\nIn the past Maker’s Mark advertising has been consistent with the look and feel of the product — a very classic, refined and exquisite spirit. They usually pair their classic image with tongue-in-cheek copy to keep it current, modern, and with the times. While out and about our president Melissa noticed this new billboard and snapped this photo with her cell phone.\n

makers mark ad

\n\nThis ad is a prime example of a company trying to keep up with changing trends but losing their brand consistency in doing so. Simply slapping what appears to be a cut-and-paste friend request button onto an existing company stock photo not only lacks creativity but weakens the company’s brand. If I could give this ad a makeover I would love to see a picture of someone serving a Maker’s Mark cocktail and copy along the lines of “Watch the friends start pouring in.” with a URL to their social networking site.\n\nIt is important to be conscience of the delicate balance between current trends and your brand’s integrity. I commend this company for including social media into their marketing approach but what looks like a lack of strategy and creativity has left them with an ad that has missed the mark.

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