Last-Minute Shopping? Do It Locally.

Think you might be a lazier, more last-minute holiday shopper than I? Think again, friend.

I don’t really know how many shopping days I have left, when you factor in shipping. I certainly don’t know what my 92 year old grandmother might like. (Though I do know it’ll be hard to top the Michael Buble holiday songs CD from two years ago.) I only know that, for about the hundredth Christmas in a row, I’m late to the game.

If that sounds like you too—and I have a hunch the world is secretly full of us—we should have reason to rejoice! After all, it’s never been easier for us to knock everything out all of our gift-buying from our laptops (or, lazier, our phones). Amazon has it all. If not, or does. If they don’t, it doesn’t exist. Maybe invent it.

But for me, something somehow has come to outweigh the convenience that enables lazy, last-minute shopping—and that’s supporting small and local businesses.

Blue Daring is more than Chicago-based—we’re Chicago centric, love being patrons at our local restaurants and coffee shops, and tend to work (likely not by accident) with clients and partners who feel that same hometown pride. For me personally, I have more friends than ever who are selling their beautifully hand-crafted, -carved, -sewn or -brewed wares in Chicago shops or on Etsy.

“Just do a little googling. Better yet, take a stroll through your neighborhood.”

So, in that spirit, I’d like to share this very helpful holiday gift resource recently posted by DNA Info. It’s a great list of gift ideas, broken down by Chicago neighborhood. (For those of you elsewhere, it’s still easy to shop small and shop local, especially for those on your list who don’t specify anything. Just do a little googling. Better yet, take a stroll through your neighborhood.)

To that list, I’d like to add:
•  A purchase from the Open Books store (in Pilsen, River North, or online)
•  A laser engraved corkboard of your pet (benefiting New Leash on Life)
•  A handmade bag from Defy (a personal fave, up in Ravenswood)
•  Something gorgeous and modern from Strand Design

Happy holidays, everyone!

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