How To Maintain A Work/Life Balance

My work/life balance? It’s a work in progress. I’m still fine tuning it. I’m still striving to achieve it. Most people are, whether it’s being with their spouses, being more nurturing to their kids, or re-aligning your chakras.

Here are the multiple facets of how to walk the path where a work/life balance is optimally achieved.

The Other Half

This is the big one! If you fall into the married or long-term partnership category, you’ll relate quite easily. Cherishing your spouse and marriage is a huge aspect in achieving your personal OB (optimum balance). And if you’re married to a full-time working mother of two, you’d better already set up a true date night!
Consider setting up a standing date night on your calendar. However you choose to do it, just try to get some alone time. Just you two. The rigors and stress of the work week will hopefully soon dissipate with your private rendezvous.

Baby Boom!

There are many instances when we find ourselves torn between trying to get out an important client deliverable and helping our child finish an important school assignment. How do we succeed at both? How do we excel at work for not only ourselves but to be that example for our child as a positive presence and role model? It’s possible!
The goal is to find time to parent your children positively when both you and your spouse maintain full time jobs. It takes work and dedication and though it’s not always easy, with the right planning and commitment to both, a balance can be achieved.

Let’s Get Physical

Staying toned and firm is even now more important to help weather the rigors of the work week. Neck pain, back pain, wrist pain, fractured toe pain…these are all legitimate (except the toe example, maybe) complaints from most office workers today. So NOW is the time to step up and make a routine of getting and staying in shape.
When you are in good health, it will affect all aspects of your life—both personal and professional.

Feel good, BE good!

It’s never been more important to keep a positive outlook on life. So, with all the stress that working adults are under these days, it’s no surprise that there are so many resources out there to help you handle it all.
From a good self-help book, to yoga to balance your mind, or even some professional help, there are countless sources of assistance for reaching that Optimal Balance.

Love Thy Neighbor

Knowing your neighbors while living in a large city can be difficult, or even daunting. But being friendly to those around you will help improve the overall living environment of any neighborhood. The solution? Just be a visible part of your community. Make your presence felt as a real member of the neighborhood.
Stop to chat with your neighbors. If they have dogs and you have dogs, start a dog walking club! Got kids? Strike up a conversation on the way to the bus or the park with those on your block who also have little ones. This not only benefits your little charges by making new friends (human or canine!), it helps you connect more with those you live around to form a true connection and community.

Love Thyself

When all is said and done, truly achieving Optimal Balance—and loving your family and community—starts with loving yourself. Find a way to get to your center, find that zen, readjust your chi; do whatever you need to do to walk the line of the happy medium and achieve true OB!

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