Innovate Authentically: The importance of purpose when trying something new

The below article was featured in The Economist’s 2016 Innovation Forum event summary. Blue Daring partnered with The Economist to host the Forum in Chicago this Spring. The Forum brings together today’s leading thinkers to envision how companies can transform and adapt to flourish tomorrow. While adopting a culture of innovation has many benefits like product… Read more »

Your Products Don’t Matter

Your brand’s value is not what you make or what you do. It’s certainly not your tagline. Your brand’s value is the net change your business catalyzes in your customer’s life—the purpose and goal of your products or services. Through this lens, Tesla does not make cars, but rather energy efficient solutions. Waste Management does not… Read more »

Growth: The Sweetest of Deaths

If you have ever fallen in love with a restaurant, you’ll know about the heartbreak of crushed expectations when you visit them after their time in the spotlight. Why is it that the minute restaurants have to cater to a lot of people quickly, they lose the very thing that made them famous to begin… Read more »

Words Are Never Enough

While sitting at the Hyatt in Belgrade last month, I had an epiphany. My kuma Katarina, who I was meeting for coffee, walks in. We hug, say hello and she says: “You look good.” That afternoon I had my glasses on (which I never wear out of my home) and so I said “Are you… Read more »

Launching the New Blue: Lessons from Our Refresh

Many of you know the saying the shoemaker always goes barefoot. For those who don’t it means when a craftsman does not do for himself what he does for others. I started to feel that way about our brand. While our core philosophy has gone unchanged, the last five years [since our re-brand] have been so… Read more »

Want to Piss Off Your Vendors? Do These 5 Things

I love all of our clients… but that hasn’t always been the case. Sometimes the most exciting opportunities never get off the ground just because the people behind it, quite simply, lack vision. Over 10 years running Blue Daring has taught me (and I am certain many of you) that the best work and outcomes… Read more »

Take Off: 4 Cool Things About the Airport Business

For over 8 years, Blue Daring has been a proud business owner at O’Hare Airport. Through the Federal Aviation Authority’s Airport Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) program, we were afforded the opportunity to partner with the country’s and later the world’s largest travel retailer as a minority stakeholder and partner in two concession operations at… Read more »

Seen on the Street

As I heard a personal branding consultant say last week–branding happens. Question is, are you going to control it? With that in mind (and really all the time since it’s what I know, breathe and love), I always look to my environment for both lessons and inspiration. Here are three lessons on branding from three… Read more »

My Identity Crisis is Your Business

I am going through a bit of an identity crisis. In what seems to be the blink of an eye I have gone from being a young Latina hustling my way through four degrees, a career and a young business in a delightfully diverse city to having spent this weekend “picking up” a new car,… Read more »